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Workforce Performance


Workforce performance aims to ensure that the people capability of an organisation aligns with their strategy and goals.  To help achieve this, CWS partners with organisations to strengthen and modernise their workforce capability by providing contemporary and fit-for-purpose workforce and training solutions.

For an organisation to succeed, adopting a well-designed Capability Framework which defines the skills, knowledge and behaviours of an organisation and its people is crucial.  It provides a common language that enables easy communication and understanding across broad and diverse teams.  It also expresses an organisations culture, by describing successful behaviours and desired values.

Building capability is not just about training, it requires a multi-strategy approach.  An enhanced workforce capability can provide:

  • A clean and common language spoken by all.
  • An understanding of how the organisation is managed and structured.
  • Proven tools for increasing workforce performance.
  • A clear pathway for career advancement and development.

Workforce capability lifecycle


Analyse and define the workforce strategy and design a workforce capability and implementation plan.


Implement change, training and engagement activities for the workforce plan.


Continuous improvement by reviewing and updating the implementation activities.

Training and development lifecycle

Utilising the SADL framework

The Systems Approach to Defence Learning (SADL) is designed to ensure that all Defence workforce performance requirements are correctly specified and supported by the most cost-effective learning strategies.  Compliance with the SADL ensures that responsibilities and accountabilities are well defined, that processes and decisions are clear, and that actions and recommendations are appropriately documented.  SADL processes are grouped into five phases:

SADL Framework


Analyse workforce performance requirements to identify and specify learning requirements and develop a learning strategy.


Design in detail all components of the authorised learning strategy, including producing draft learning management packages.


Establish, develop and procure all organisational, materiel, infrastructure, and knowledge resources necessary to implement the learning strategy.


Implement and manage the learning strategy using authorised products of the development phase.


Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the learning strategy in meeting operational or business outcomes. Evaluation must be ongoing and recurrent through the life of a learning strategy.

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