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Knowledge has a beginning but no end.  Our focus is to provide people with the right skills to foster personal growth, support professional goals and inspire positive change.  Our education and training qualifies those who are seeking to better equip themselves to successfully face the challenges of the modern workplace.

In today’s world we are faced with ever evolving workplaces. It is these same evolutions that determine how we reach learners and connect with them. We believe in creating a reliable and positive eLearning environment that addresses the varied learning styles of our audience. Our goal is to aid in not just developing an eLearning program but in creating a whole learning ecosystem.

A learning ecosystem supports eLearning and performance and is made up of many different parts. It is an ecosystem that includes both formal and informal learning opportunities and is supported by both technology and people. It is the collection of tools and processes that support people to develop and progress to maturity in their current and future roles.

A learning life cycle consists of 3 main steps

The complete digital content development life cycle consists of the following three main steps:

Here’s how we do it!

Learning Design

This includes training need analysis, learning mode selection, subject matter expert selection, followed by instructional design.

Learning Content Development

This includes storyboard development, tools selection, content production, translation & localisation voice-over, followed by quality analysis to provide assurance.

Learning Delivery

This consists of activities such as on site LMS advice and recommendations, multi-device delivery, digital marketing and communications strategies, to learning report development and analysis.

Why choose us?

When you choose CWS, you will benefit from the skill sets and talents of our experienced digital content development specialists.  There is no need to worry about time lines, project glitches, or staffing issues.  We can deliver more rapid completion, quicker turnaround times and we guarantee to maintain a competitive advantage on our pricing.  Less expensive than employing an Digital Content Development team.

Our previous work includes:

  • Technical and engineering.
  • Inductions.
  • Software usage.
  • Compliance training.
  • Soft skills and more.

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