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Quality & Compliance


Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) into your business improves every aspect of organisational performance.  CWS delivers a systematic way to determine whether the products or services of a company meet quality standards and satisfy customer expectations.  Our quality experts will help your business meet both customer and the organisational requirements, improving business outcomes and ensuring compliance with regulations.

A QMS is defined as a formalised system that documents processes, procedures and responsibilities for achieving business objectives.  Implementing a QMS into your business affects every aspect of your organisation’s performance.  A successful QMS results in meeting both the customers and the organisations requirements, improving business outcomes and ensuring compliance with regulations. 

CWS can get your organisation ISO 9001 ready.

Tune up your QMS

  • Define, improve and control processes.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Prevent mistakes.
  • Lower costs.
  • Identify operation and training opportunities.

Supplementary services:


Promote a culture where reporting is encouraged, and knowledge is shared.  For your project or business to succeed, you need to manage the people side of transitioning from current state to future state.


Safety should be tied closely with Quality management to ensure best practices are used, as well as compliance and the improvement of safety systems.  This involves applying principles, frameworks and processes.


Data analysis on quality and business practices to provide advice to leadership on performance.  CWS work together to improve your company’s processes, products, services and culture to achieve success.  

Quality management

Adopting a QMS can support compliance, profitability, and the development of products that meet or exceed customers expectations.  Organisations in highly regulated industries seek certification with globally recognised standards such as ISO 9001 to improve quality through transparency, documentation, and systemic approaches to improvement.

Continuous improvement

Increasing the quality of services through incremental gains.  It should not only be seen in front of house but encouraged at every level of the organisation.  Continuous improvement can help your organisation stay ahead of the competition by shifting your business to a proactive quality management model and establishing a quality culture.

Engineering management

Providing an effective framework to establish systems and procedures for safe and reliable engineering and manufacturing operations.  QMS in an engineering environment adds additional layers of complexity.  Let CWS help your organisation achieve regulatory compliance.

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