Harsha Seneviratne

Project Consultant


Harsha adds value to his clients in all his engagements by providing leadership and direction, building relationships and confidence. Harsha fosters enthusiasm, creativity and drive that widen the capability of the clients business operations. Harsha seeks to achieve client’s outcomes in the most efficient manner within all projects. Harsha works seamlessly with businesses and teams to deliver outcomes that are aligned to business goals, and in line with customer’s mission, purpose and values.

Harsha has a history of developing documentation frameworks that are quality controlled and managed with a configuration management system for organisations across Defence, Government and Large Corporate and Small Business environments that are designed to be useable, to increase compliance, and the systemisation of processes. Harsha facilitates the use of operating procedures into the organisation or business. Embracing the use of New Technology to enhance and compliment documentation frameworks.

Outside of work Harsha immerses himself in personal development and growth, family and entrepreneurship focused around marketing and sales. He has an interest in Science Fiction, Space and Time Travel, Adventure Movies, Acting and Film.

Contact Info

Phone : (02) 6231 1113
Email : admin@cws.com.au