Lance Lorraway

Engineering and Quality Management Consultant

With an extensive Defence Aviation Technical background Lance provides customers a unique consultative resource focusing on Safety, Quality, Engineering and Asset Management within bespoke environments such as Defence Tactical Data Links, Defence Unmanned Ariel Vehicle Systems and Defence Aviation as well as the Private Sector Capital Projects in the Mining Industry.

Lance has developed these skills over many years from his beginnings as an Apprentice Instrument Fitter in the RAAF continuing on to maintaining Fast Jets in Operational Squadrons including the FA 18A Hornet. He continued his Defence career with the Australian Army as an Avionics Technician and achieving the sought after position as an Artificer Sergeant Major of an Operational Army Helicopter Squadron deployed on operations in Timor Leste. After completing 32 Years’ service in the Australian Defence Force, Lance took his experiences and applied them to Operational Readiness in Mining Capital Projects, which included a readiness assessment of a Coal Mine in Mozambique and development of operational manuals for an aluminium refinery in Saudi Arabia.

After further consolidating his skills and experience Lance returned to the Defence environment as a consultant assisting Business Units in the development, implementation and sustainment of key systems such as Quality Management, Engineering Management and Configuration Management.

Lance values his ability to value add to any business and continues to learn and develop at each project or enterprise he encounters.

Throughout his career Lance’s passion has been his family and continues today as the family grow’s extensively and regularly meets at his property in his South East Queensland.

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